Why businesses do pro bono work

Why businesses do pro bono work

To some, pro bono work seems at odds with the world of commerce. In fact, doing work for no monetary reward is something that most business owners actively avoid. However, businesses are increasingly appreciating the benefits of giving back by taking on pro bono work.

Choosing the right pro bono work to take on can lead to many benefits for the company and your employees. Avoid work that will take up too much time or resources as this can drain your business. Choosing pro bono work that’s right for you can result in many positive outcomes for both parties.

Boost sector experience

If your company would like more work in a certain sector, offering pro bono projects to key industry players can help with boost your experience, making you more likely to land that next paid project.

For example, if you’re an accountant and you want to work in the construction industry, offer a free accounts audit to a charity or not-for-profit in exchange for a testimonial. This will keep the charity’s coffers healthy, while demonstrating to others in the industry that you have the experience they are looking for.

Make new connections

Networking is a huge part of marketing your business. Pro bono work can help grow your connections. Read all about the benefits of networking and collaboration.

For example, if you work with a membership organisation on a pro bono project you could be introduced to valuable members and build a connection this way.

Read about our work with HIT Scotland.

Raise your profile

Being involved in a high-profile campaign or a much-loved brand can boost your profile.

A newsworthy cause or organisation may be looking for pro bono support. You could profit from media attention, or generate real interest on social media, just by being associated with the project. Failing that, a simple back link (find out more about SEO) from their website to yours or a shout out on social media could do the trick.

If you have the chance to work on a project that you feel will help to boost your profile, then treat it as a marketing investment in your business.

Give back   

Taking on pro bono work gives you and your employees the opportunity to give back. Using your experience to help others can be hugely rewarding.

Choose a pro bono project that means something to the business or your employees, for example a charitable organisation or a local sports team.

At Represent, we have given our time to many charitable organisations such as Break the Silence and Cycle to Clare to help raise much needed awareness.

Pro bono work can go a long way to improving your business. Supporting a worthy organisation can open new doors, raise your profile and be great for employee morale.

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