What to expect from a winning PR agency pitch

Investing in a PR & marketing agency is a significant step for any business. When placing the marketing and communications efforts of your business in the hands of specialists, you want to ensure they know your brand inside and out; have the skills to grow your business; and the experience, connections, and resources to do so efficiently.

An effective pitch presentation from the PR agency should tell you all you need to know. Here we share our thoughts on what to look out for in a pitch, red flags to avoid and our best practices for creating the very best pitch.  

A sound understanding of the brief

Sent by the prospective client, a brief outlines the business’ objectives, challenges, and reasons for hiring an external agency, serving as the foundations for any PR pitch.

Experienced professionals will display a clear understanding of the issues presented in the brief, while showcasing how their unique skills and talent can meet your specific needs. Failure to acknowledge or understand the brief should signal that the agency in question isn’t the right fit for your business.

Research of your business

Thorough research is the centre of any good pitch. At Represent this includes, at a minimum, research into the brand’s values, its audience, online presence, public perception, the company’s tone of voice, goals and objectives, social media activity, website performance, competitor analysis, market landscape and previous PR and digital activity. The result of such extensive research is a clear insight into what the company stands for, where it stands in the market, and which aspects need to be worked on.

This analysis informs the strategy and recommendations we propose to clients and allows us to allocate the best people on the team to work on the case.

An explanation of how they can help you

At Represent, we want to reassure any prospective business that their investment in us is worthwhile. With an experienced team skilled in everything from social media strategy and crisis communications to media relations and content marketing, we create a comprehensive, integrated strategy that meets those all-important KPIs and achieves impactful results.

When being pitched by Represent, you can expect innovative campaign suggestions and recommendations of powerful news lines that will win your business the top tier coverage you design. All you need to do is sit back and listen! 

In our eyes, a good pitch shares examples of the agency’s previous campaigns to communicate the quality, style, and imagination of the team. Positive testimonials, loyal clients, and outstanding results speak for themselves – just look at some of ours here!

These are just the foundations of a strong PR pitch, trust us – we have done our fair share in our time.

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