How to use Facebook to market your business more effectively

Facebook for business

How to use Facebook to market your business more effectively

Facebook is constantly updating, upgrading and resolving user issues and at Represent we keep our ear to the ground on any new developments.  So it came as no surprise to us when Mr Facebook himself, Mark Zuckerberg, announced another change (not another one?!) to Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm last month.   

The decision comes as users noticed newsfeeds being overrun with numerous low-quality viral videos and untrustworthy news sources, crowding out personal moments and news from their private life.  As a result, Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook would change its newsfeed algorithm last month, altering its secret formula to show fewer posts from businesses, brands, and news media instead promoting content from friends, family and groups.  

This sounds like good news when it comes to combatting fake news, but it’s not so great if you own a business page and still want to reach your audience.  It’s time for professionals in the digital marketing and social media industry to face up to the changes and work out what’s next for Facebook.  

Let’s take you through it… 

First thing’s first – what is an algorithm? 

Algorithm is one of those words that we hear a lot today but how many of us actually know what it means?  Answer – not many!  But there isn’t much to know to be honest.  An algorithm is a set of rules that Facebook use to determine what content a user can or can’t see.   

So, what is the latest change?  

What is clear from the new Facebook algorithm update is that it will favour friends posts over your business or brand pages.  

Introducing these changes, Zuckerberg wants to spark insightful interactions and bring people closer together. This means that you will see more pictures of your friends’ dinner parties or your cousins’ baby and fewer articles or videos from news sources and business pages.    

What does this mean for business pages and what can you do? 

It’s likely you’ll see your page reach decrease, engagement rates may drop and video watch time will reduce.

  1. Think more creatively

But it’s not all bad. You just need to think more intelligently about what your content looks like and how you position it. Facebook has said it will focus on posts with engaging, quality content that prompts people to share or comment.  So, ensure that what you are sharing is not just sales messages – think about sharing content that will stimulate debate, encourage feedback and help your target market with a problem they are likely facing. 

  1. Don’t spam

Be careful not to spam your audience. Facebook will demote posts that use engagement-bait (“like if you’re a virgo” or “share if you hate Mondays” type posts) to lure people into commenting or liking low-quality content.  

You can encourage followers to increase the chances of seeing your business updates in their newsfeed by reminding them to select the “See First” option in their preference settings.  

  1. Invest in video

Live videos will be favoured under the new algorithm, giving you a new way to promote your page and reach your audience.  Try live streaming from events or conducting live Q&As with members of team.   

  1. Increase your ad spend

Facebook’s most powerful tool and the reason it is a multi-billion-dollar business is because of its advertising function. It enables you to target your content to a much wider, yet targeted audience via the platform. With the news that Facebook will start prioritising content from family and friends, you need to work even harder to get your message heard and the best way to do that is invest in Facebook advertising. You don’t have to have massive budgets for this, but as long as your content is engaging, creative and non-promotional, you can significantly boost your organic reach and target your content directly at your prospects very easily by putting some budget behind it.  

Whatever you do and however you choose to overcome the latest Facebook algorithm change, ensure you keep your followers up to date and interested in your business.  And remember there are professionals who can really help make the most of all the channels available to you.  

Want to find out more and how you can make the most of Facebook?  Get in touch. At Represent, we can help you plan and create your social media and digital content to ensure it is directly linked to your business objectives.