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The UK’s FinTech sector is second only to the US in terms of influence, according to new research by Innovate Finance. And, not for the first time, our capital city, Edinburgh has also been named as one of the UK’s leading tech cities (UK’s Digital Economy Council, December 2021).  Getting ahead of the curve in this fast-growing sector is no mean feat but help is at hand, follow our list of Top Ten FinTech Influencers to keep track of the latest trends, and breaking news. 

First up are the heavy hitters on Twitter, most of whom happen to be based in London.

Chris Gledwill

Chris is an entertaining writer that brings fresh and campaigning insights on the FinTech sector. It’s no surprise then, that he has amassed 81k followers on Twitter and 17k on LinkedIn.  Even better, he walks the talk; currently he’s CEO of challenger bank Secco. In a former life, he was with Lloyds as lead mobile architect where he also had an impressive track record of running disruptive innovation labs.

Chris Skinner

With 14 books to his name, Chris Skinner is no slouch when it comes to sharing his knowledge and expertise. He’s clocked up nearly 55k followers on Twitter and nearly 36k followers on LinkedIn. Skinner describes himself as doing “all sorts in banking and technology”.

Duena Blomstrom

The queen of LinkedIn, with nearly 250,000 followers and 27k followers on Twitter, Duena is a blogger and keynote speaker with a self-proclaimed “unconventional and unapologetic opinion style”. The combination of psychology and business is very much her shtick in the world of FinTech. Books include “People Before Tech: The Importance of Psychological Safety and Teamwork in the Digital Age”.

Anne Boden

CEO of Starling Bank, a UK mobile-only bank, Anne has nearly 68k followers on LinkedIn and over 30k followers on Twitter and we’re glad to see that this Welsh tech entrepreneur flying the flag for Wales. She recently tweeted that she was sandwiched between Elon Musk and Steve Jobs when her book appeared on the Amazon ‘bookshelves’. With a reputation for knocking down barriers caused by outdated technology, she was no doubt surprised when 50 FinTechs wrote to MPs complaining that she was anti-innovation.

Eileen Burbidge

Last, but not least on our Twitter list is Eileen Burbidge with 77k followers. A partner at Passion Capital, an early-stage technology venture fund based in London, Eileen is a non-exec director on several high-profile start-ups such as Monzo Bank, Digital Shadows, Tide and Butternut Box.  As a result, Eileen is wired into the rising stars of the start-up world.

Janine Hirt

CEO, Janine Hirt, and the team at Innovate Finance are going great guns in ‘advancing the global FinTech community in the UK’. The independent industry body hosts a range of programmes, including the Innovate Finance Global Summit at London Guildhall which welcomes speakers such as Rishi Sunak and Kwasi Kwarteng. It’s worth subscribing to their newsletter which is quick off the mark with latest stories in FinTech.

Scottish FinTech

The Treasury-commissioned Khalifa Repor references the growing expertise in open finance, payments, regulatory innovation (RegTech) and ‘Fintech for Good’.  Below are just a few of the influencers helping to fuel Scotland’s FinTech cluster.

Stephen Ingledew

When he’s not running 10Ks around Edinburgh’s Arthur’s Seat, the Chair of FinTech Scotland, Stephen Ingledew, is spreading the word about latest developments north of the border. As well as updating his 11,000 followers on LinkedIn on a regular basis, he’s very good at keeping the UK and Scottish Governments updated on what’s happening in the FinTech sector.

Ray Bugg

Ray Bugg brings a welcome 1960s Michael Caine-style glamour to FinTech. A drole manner belies just how much he’s achieved. Ray started DIGIT in 2013 as a forum for the tech sector in Scotland and this has grown to include regular large-scale conferences in FinTech, Big Data, CyberSecurity, and Cloud Computing .  Keep up to date by subscribing to his influential digital news site/newsletter, DIGIT magazine.

Scott Reid

Business Editor at The, Scott Reid regularly reports on the FinTech sector and start-ups in general. Self-described as a ‘petrolhead and Genesis fan, though chiefly pre-1975’ he is one of the main media voices on FinTech sector here in Scotland.

Mark Williamson

Groups Business Correspondent at The Herald, Mark Williamson loves writing about entrepreneurship in Scotland, that means that FinTech features regularly. In a former life, he worked in London as a Chartered Accountant which must be a considerable advantage when it comes to reporting on FinTechs.

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