The Top Christmas campaigns

Top Christmas campaigns

The Top Christmas campaigns

With the countdown on until December 25th, there’s no better time to find some inspiration for your next creative PR or digital campaign.

There are so many fantastic Christmas ads out there, new and old, that capture the hearts of the nation every year.  Brands pull out all the stops at Christmas with one goal – to have the biggest, best and most talked about Christmas campaign.

Here at Represent, we wanted to give you the gift of sharing our top Christmas campaigns, and what made them sparkle.



When you think about the perfect Christmas advert, what do you need? Family? Presents? Santa? Tears?

Canadian airline WestJet had all of the above in their 2013 Christmas advert, which featured people of all ages waiting to board a flight telling Santa what they want for Christmas. Cut to the other end and what is waiting for them but the presents they had just asked for (complete with Santa in a purple suit to match WestJet’s logo).

This advert was heart-warming, memorable, and truly summed up Christmas. It features real people, clever references to the brand and a lovely story that people want to share. The perfect combination to create some Christmas cheer – and brand awareness.

John Lewis

This wouldn’t be a list of the top Christmas campaigns without a mention of John Lewis. Their annual Christmas offering has become one of the most highly anticipated adverts of them all.

While this year’s advert garnered some mixed reviews (sorry Elton!), love it or hate it, John Lewis know how to do a Christmas advert. Monty the penguin, the Man on the Moon and the Bear and the Hare all combined a fantastic soundtrack, an emotional story and the feel-good factor of charity benefits. All pulled at your heart strings… and your purse strings too – with merchandise to go alongside it.

There’s a reason these adverts have become a staple in the Christmas campaign calendar and it shows that even established brands can surprise you every year. It’s big budget, big planning and big impact. And a big bit clever too.

Irn Bru

How can we not include the most iconic Scottish Christmas advert of all time? Imagine having an advert so good that it takes 12 years before you have to make a sequel, because the original can be repeated every year without disappointment. It wouldn’t be Christmas in Scotland without the Irn Bru advert!

Irn Bru take one of the most iconic Christmas scenes of all time, The Snowman’s, ‘Walking in the Air’ and pokes fun at in the best way. The advert tells the story of a young boy who goes flying with a snowman, only to have the snowman steal his can of Irn Bru and let him go.

The advert perfectly sums up Scottish humour, which Irn Bru capture so well in their campaigns. With so many tear-jerking adverts out there, humour (especially of the family friendly variety) is exactly what many Christmas adverts need.


This is one of the most controversial Christmas campaigns of 2018, which saw it get banned from television advertising, yet Iceland’s No Palm Oil campaign still created, arguably, the biggest influence this year. Once revealed it had broken advertising standards regulations and been removed from TV, it quickly gained the backing of the nation.

The short animation tells the story of rainforest destruction and the devasting impact on the endangered orangutan. In an attempt to raise awareness of the issue, Iceland were also about to highlight their commitment to removing palm oil from all its own label foods by the end of 2018.

With over 65 million view on Iceland’s YouTube and social media channels, 700,000 signatures on a petition for it to be allowed on TV and an experiential campaign of animatronic orangutan on the streets of London, it just goes to show that the right message at the right time is all it takes. We salute you, Iceland!

Not on the High Street

Never mind Christmas beginning in October like it does for most retailers, Not On the High Street opted for the better-late-than-never approach when it began its 2015 Christmas campaign on the 21st of December.

In two of London’s busiest train stations – Paddington and Waterloo – the company placed a Twitter-powered vending machine which asked shoppers to choose between five hashtags, with each person being given a corresponding gift. It served as the perfect distraction for stressed shoppers getting last-minute items on the busy streets of London, and the perfect advertisement for great gifts.

A big publicity stunt is a great way to get people talking and Christmas there’s probably no busier time of the year to hit the streets to do so. A clever campaign like this means that giving gifts in return for publicity might just be the perfect Christmas exchange.


Christmas is the best time of year for adverts and we look forward to seeing the latest ones every year. What’s your favourite Christmas campaign? Find us on Twitter @representcomms and let us know!

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