Social Media – why “batch and blast” simply doesn’t work

Research revealed today by AberdeenGroup has identified what many of us working at the coal face have known for a while – a “batch and blast” approach to social media won’t work.

Those of us with social media marketing experience know that a one to one communication, especially in B2B, is the only way to influence, convert and cement relationships.

Inappropriate use of social media can have a detrimental impact on reputations and bottom line – we’ve all seen the fallout.

A ‘listen and learn’ approach will not provide instant gratification, it will however present an opportunity to understand what’s of interest so you can post in confidence.

Effective communication on a social media platform follows the same rules as other channels – listen carefully and speak up only when you have something of interest to say!

However don’t stay on the sidelines too long, those organisations whom AberdeenGroup term best-in-class report a 20% growth in annual revenue – now who wouldn’t be interested in that!

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