How to use social media for business

Social media for business

How to use social media for business

Over 3 billion people around the world use at least one social network. It is therefore no surprise social media for business is such a useful tool. When the majority of your current and potential customer base can be found online, it can be the best way to raise awareness of your business and directly communicate with your target market.

However, there is a challenge…with over 70 million businesses using Facebook pages alone, it can be difficult to achieve standout.  Represent handles social media accounts for a number of clients and here are our tips for making sure your brand gets the profile it deserves.


Choose your channel

The first step of using social media for business, is ensuring you choose the right channel to engage with your target audience.

There is a tendency for brands to use every social media channel – take will not deliver the results you need. Invest in the channel that is best suited to your business and your audience and concentrate your efforts on that platform.

For example, if your product is visually strong and is targeted at a younger audience, then Instagram should be a priority. Research has shown that 32% of teenagers consider Instagram to be the most important social network and 60% of its users are aged between 18 and 24.

Instagram has recently undergone huge changes in its algorithm and the way posts appear on a newsfeed, so read up on how to use Instagram for business.

Twitter is also a strong platform for engaging with young people, as 18 to 29 year olds are the highest demographic using the app. Usage drops as age increases and of those aged 65 and over only 6% have accounts.

Meanwhile, Facebook is the best channel for connecting with a slightly older audience. lower.

If you are marketing to a business audience then LinkedIn is the channel for you.

Perfect your message

Once you have decided which channels are best for you, then you can begin to create your content which must be tailored to the specific platform.  Don’t rush in – do your research to find out what works best on different networks.  Check out your competitors.  Where are they?  What posts get the most engagement and what ones bomb?

Ask yourself why you are posting, what do you want people to feel or do.  If you can’t answer these questions, then chances are your audience won’t know either and you will get little to no engagement.  Worse still you could damage your brand, so think carefully before you post.

If someone has liked or followed your company’s social media account then they know your business and they want to hear from you, so make sure you reward them with engaging, entertaining and useful information.

Create your content

Content is king. It’s what drives the followers to your page and encourages them to engage so it should always hit the spot.

There should rarely be a social post without a picture, video or a link as posts with no assets tend to get little to no engagement.

It is estimated that Tweets with images receive 18% more click-throughs, 89% more likes and 150% more retweets, so images are key to spreading your business message.

Testimonial, explainer or demo videos are proving popular with audience right now, especially on Facebook. The new algorithm has a big focus on video content, meaning the site ranks video posts highly and you’ll reach more people.

Striking photography or great looking graphics will also attract attention. Think of new and fun ways to get your message across that will help your business stand out.

Monitor your posts…and act!  

Posting and scheduling content is important but remember social media is a conversation so listen to your followers and engage. A Retweet or a response is much appreciated and audiences are much more likely to continue the dialogue if speak to them.


Social media for business is a powerful marketing tool and one that should be taken advantage of. It can be a great way to promote your business, communicate directly with customers, share company updates and ultimately, attract new customers! While being in a sea of 70 million other business on Facebook may seem daunting, follow these tips and you will see your social following grow …. and that’s something all businesses should be striving to achieve.

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