How to use your smartphone to create great video content

How to use your smartphone to create great video content

On social media, video is still the reigning king of content – research by Hubspot revealed that 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video, compared to text or images alone. 

While most people might think that you need expensive equipment and technical know-how to create amazing video content, this simply isn’t true. You can create engaging, effective content with a tool that everyone has in their pocket – the humble smartphone.

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Getting started

First and foremost you need a smartphone – any make or model post-2015 should do the trick. You’ll also need a microphone that you can plug into your phone, a phone holder to ensure your videos aren’t wobbly, and you could also invest in a tripod for interview-style filming, although this isn’t essential.

You’ll also need the most important thing – a willing subject for your video!

Authenticity is key

The most important thing to remember when creating a video for social media is that people want to see genuine subjects – a rehearsed script is easy to spot, so choose someone with a natural enthusiasm for their product or service.

To avoid their speech sounding staged, ask them questions and just try to have a normal conversation – this helps your subject to relax and makes the interview flow much more naturally. 

Creating a story

If making a promotional video for a business, consider creating staff stories – viewers want to see an obstacle overcome, so show the company taking on a problem and how they work extra hard to solve this for a customer.

Your video doesn’t have to portray a big, dramatic story; on the contrary, smaller stories are just as effective, if not more, as your audience can more easily relate to them and imagine themselves in a similar situation.

Within your story, it’s vital to get your core message across to your audience, along with two to three ‘back-up messages’ – this could be the launch of a new product, and a couple of examples of how this product has benefitted your customers. Just remember to start and finish your video with this core message to ensure it sticks in your audience’s mind. 

Technical tips

Now for the technical stuff – although filming on your smartphone isn’t too complicated, there are some things you can do to boost the quality of your content and make it look more professional.

A little-known fact about the iPhone is that you can actually lock on to a person’s face when using the camera to adjust the exposure – simply hold down on the yellow square that appears on the face and then tap the small sun symbol that appears alongside it and slide to make it brighter or darker. This helps keep your video consistent and stops the exposure from automatically adjusting.

Another point to keep in mind is that your interview subject should fill the whole frame to avoid background distractions. To make the interview look more natural, you should position the phone just over your shoulder, so the viewer feels like they are being spoken to just out of shot. 

To make the most of your filming time, it’s best to capture loads of ‘B-roll’ footage to both insert in your longer, ‘glossy’ social media video and drip feed in shorter clips throughout your social feed.

You can even edit the video on your smartphone after you’ve taken your footage – iMovie is a great place for beginners to start, and apps like Kinemaster and LumaFusion are for when you’re ready to take your editing to the next level.

Bearing all of this advice in mind, you’re ready to go off and start your smartphone video journey. Video is set to keep growing in popularity over the next few years, so now is the time to release your inner Steven Spielberg, grab your smartphone and get filming!

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