Media Training Scotland


If the thought of a media interview sends you into a tail spin and you are looking for media training in Scotland (and beyond), then Represent’s media training workshop is the course for you.

Our tailored training will give you the confidence to deliver your message with passion and precision.

Our step by step media training programme gives clients the self-assurance to handle the most difficult of media interviews. From crafting the most compelling messaging, to showing you how you can steer the conversation to what you want to talk about, our experienced trainers will show you the strategies that make the difference.

The workshop has beengirl in pr office holding ipad designed to provide plenty of practice in front of the camera, so you come away knowing exactly what to say, as well as clear guidance and tips on how best to present the information.

You’ll be trained by an experienced journalist with many years of broadcasting experience.  Adept at getting to the nub of the story, he will take you through a pre-agreed programme of interviews – the good and the bad – and show you how a simple slip can take you down a road that perhaps you would rather not travel.

You’ll have one of our PR team by you side advising on how best to prepare for the interview, what to ask the journalist beforehand, the ‘no comment’ rule, as well as practical tips on how to transition from one topic to another seamlessly.

The session will also:

  • Help you define your 30-second elevator pitch and associated key messaging and demonstrate how to best integrate these into your answers.
  • Help you identify the worst question you could be asked. We’ll ask it and help you answer it so as to protect your company’s reputation.
  • Demonstrate the power of practical examples and how best to communicate complex information in a way that your audience can understand and trust.
  • Highlight your individual interviewing strengths and teach you how to avoid the pitfalls of poor presentation – where to look, what to wear and what not to have in the background!

As a takeaway, we will provide videos of your interviews and a transcript of your 30 second elevator script.

As you would expect from Represent, the workshop will be collaborative, engaging and empowering.  We guarantee you will leave the session looking forward to the next time you can shine in front of the camera.

As an agency specialising in media training Scotland, we will provide a training course tailored to your individual brief, based on the number of participants, their role in the company and your budget.


“Represent’s media training allowed me to improve my messaging and responses in a safe environment.  I found the messaging part of the session invaluable. Without doubt it helped me build my skills and confidence and I would have no hesitation in recommending Represent’s media training.”

James Warnock, RHASS Chairman

So if you are on the hunt for media training support, we’d love to have a chat. Catch us on or call us on  +44 (0)131 526 3190.