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The travel and tourism industry is highly competitive. We know that being able to stand out in a crowded marketplace is essential, but can be challenging – and we love a good challenge.

At Represent, we use or expertise in PR and digital marketing to deliver an effective communications plan tailored to your business.

Represent can help you to:

  • Raise your brand profile
  • Generate leads
  • Increase sales

We do this by:

  • Getting to grips with your target audience
  • Creating clear, concise and engaging content to capture the imagination
  • Developing social media, digital marketing, SEO and media relations strategies to help you reach your customers

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We will work with you to create a detailed and effective plan and deliver the results you need. What makes us different? Read our amazing manifesto.

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In just 12 months VisitBritain reported that over 37 million visitors came to the UK, with visitors from Europe travelling to Scotland rising by 22% in the same time. So, with more and more people wanting to discover new places and experience new things, companies operating in the travel and tourism sector throughout the Scotland and the UK are enjoying a period of sustained growth.

As a specialist travel and tourism PR agency, we understand the challenges you face. This market can typically be highly competitive, so being able to stand out in a crowded marketplace and getting your business or event in front of your target market can prove difficult.

At Represent, we use our expertise and skills in PR and digital marketing to deliver an effective communication plan for your business. Whether it’s raising your brand profile or generating leads, we’ll ensure your objectives are met.

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We’ll get to grips with your target audience, before creating clear, concise and engaging content to capture their attention. As a PR agency, media relations is our core specialist area, but we also have a social media, digital marketing and SEO division so we know how to reach your customers across a range of channels whether that’s through Google search, social media, or print and online publications. We’ve got you covered.

All of this combined creates a successful PR campaign that works for your business and dependant on your objectives, will gain you standout coverage in a crowded marketplace, an increase in brand awareness, lead generation and direct conversations with your target market.

We’ve worked with companies such as the National Wallace Monument, Green Tourism, Canvas Holidays and The Royal Highland Show to help them raise awareness, generate cut through and acquire and retain customers. At Represent, we tailor our approach to meet your needs.

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