Membership Organisations

With members the very lifeblood of membership organisations, a member first approach is essential to remaining a sustainable organisation.

Within fast changing environments fuelled by digital advancements and shifting consumer expectations, one of the biggest challenges for membership organisations is delivering effective engagement campaigns with sufficient cut through.

Representing leading membership organisations throughout Scotland, we understand the challenges facing organisations working with multiple stakeholders. We have developed a step by step approach that allows us to deliver highly effective communications strategies that enable organisations to grow.

Retention and recruitment are the focus for any membership organisation, to be successful however organisations must first define a clear value proposition that is totally aligned with the motivations of individual membership groups.

Our workshop approach allows us to work collaboratively with in-house teams and stakeholders to challenge existing value propositions and develop others if necessary.

Clarity in messaging is key. Our approach involves developing compelling messaging linked to individual personas. Without this value/messaging matrix, membership organisations will find it difficult to recruit and retain their members.

Following this work, we create a robust communication strategy linked to actions and results. This strategy and plan can either be implemented by the agency, the in-house team or collaboratively depending on the requirements and skills available within the organisation.

It is often the case that when membership organisations appoint us, they are going through a period of significant change. This could be constitutional amendments, IT upgrades or the departure or arrival of senior staff. Our team work with you to define a robust communications plan that clearly communicates the vision and takes members on a journey. This open and honest approach builds trust and significantly reduces the risk of churn.

Another challenge we see in the process of our work is that many membership organisations are often held back by aging IT systems that hold them back from maximising the opportunities digital presents.

We also bring significant value to organisations facing this issue by assisting them in defining what digital can and should be doing to streamline membership processes. Our understanding of membership organisations challenges and our IT expertise positions us as a valued partner in the development of a joined up digital strategy. Our involvement can be simply defining the brief and budget to managing the development and implementation of the strategy, depending again on client requirements.

The role and value of social media is also something that some membership organisations struggle with. Is it effective? How do you measure success and how much resource do you allocate to managing social channels? Our involvement with organisations is based on client requirement from developing the strategy to defining and implementing a content plan that is designed to build awareness, understanding and trust in the organisation.

This integrated approach to membership marketing allows businesses clarity and focus, allowing in-house teams the skills to grow their membership base.

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