Charity marketing agency Edinburgh

Not-for-profit organisations are facing unprecedented challenges as a result of political, social and economic changes.

Greater competition for a share of the ever-decreasing household income, reduced public confidence in the sector, coupled with the impact of GDPR has meant that marketeers are having to work smarter than ever before to secure a sustainable future for their organisation.

As a charity marketing agency in Edinburgh, we have significant expertise in the Third Sector and we are at the forefront of driving changes in how charities engage with the new generation of consumers.

Based on defined personas that classify the needs, goals and behaviour patterns among real and potential customers, we start by understanding your target audience. Only then will we begin to create the most compelling messaging across the most effective channels for each of your target personas.

By implementing our bespoke stakeholder engagement mapping tool, we identify key influencers and build campaigns that engage.

From PR to drive awareness and trust, social media management to increase engagement and digital marketing to drive website traffic and enquiries, we work with in-house teams to deliver a tailored brand experience across all marketing disciplines.

The result is highly tailored and impactful programmes that stand out in this fiercely competitive and rapidly changing landscape.

Our work in this sector has been shaped by our in-depth understanding of the new generation of consumers who are changing the philanthropic landscape.  Once a private pastime, today’s givers are public with their donations using digital platforms to promote their charity of choice.

It is therefore more important than ever that Third Sector organisations create a strong brand with values that align with their chosen audience.

Content has always been king but more so today with millennials’ expectations greater than previous generations.  Cutting through the clutter, we focus on delivering engaging, sharable content across print, broadcast and online.

Looking beyond established channels to market, our comprehensive network of brands, businesses and media contacts allow for seamless connections, therefore providing huge added value to our clients. Whether that be jointly-hosted events, on pack promotions or simply shared content, we look to align like-minded brands to make programmes work even harder.

We are used to working within defined budgets and certainly won’t let that impact the creativity of our work.

We are passionate about working in the not-for-profit sector and love making a difference, not only to the organisations we work with, but to the causes they champion.

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