Search for Amazing – Han Deacon, Illustrator

Search for Amazing – Han Deacon, Illustrator

Here at Represent, we live by the value ‘Make it amazing’ – we’re always on the lookout for ways that we can make our services that extra bit special for our clients.

To keep things amazing around here, we like to keep an eye out for things that inspire us – things that keep us learning, keep us motivated and keep us creative. 

On our latest search for amazing, we came across Edinburgh illustrator and performer Han Deacon– we love their art for its self-reflective, honest, and generally just super cool vibes. 

We caught up with Han to find out more about their art and what inspires them…

Tell us a little about yourself – who is Han Deacon?

“I am an Irish queer creative, and a recent graduate of Edinburgh College of Art. I like making pictures (and sometimes words) about LGBTQ+ experiences, mental health, and identity. In between a retail job and sleeping, I work as a freelance illustrator, and occasionally as a drag king.”

How long have you lived in Edinburgh?

“Almost 4 years.”

What’s an Edinburgh hidden gem we should check out? 

“Glamoor! The Kweer Kabaret is a brilliant cabaret show hosted by Mystika Glamoor, showcasing alternative queer performances every Monday at The Street bar.”

Where’s your favourite place in the world?

“My favourite place in the world is anywhere I can be as extra as possible.”

What is your artistic process? 

“On the occasions when the art god doesn’t let creating flow so easily, my process usually involves a lot of sketching and researching, and eventually pulling together all the different parts until it resembles an idea. Then I take a deep breath and stop overthinking everything and make something.”

What inspires you?

“I draw inspiration from queer and trans creatives like Travis Alabanza and Alok Vaid-Menon, from drag and performance art, fantasy fiction, comic books, and cartoons.”

What challenges have you faced as an artist?

“A lot of the challenges I have faced have been practical ones, like time and health, and others have been less material – like self-confidence (and self-sabotage).”

What are your hopes for the future?

“My hopes for the future are that we all don’t kill the planet, and that I will turn my art into my career.”

Can people buy your art? Where can they find it?

“If you’re interested in a commission you can email me at or DM me via Twitter or Instagram.

Thanks Han. “Take a deep breath, stop overthinking everything and make something” is our new mantra. 

Know of a super cool artist, a mind-boggling fact, or just generally something you think is amazing? Let’s talk about it!

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