What is the role of PR in business?

Role of PR in business

What is the role of PR in business?

Consumer driven and product focused. These are the phrases most often associated with PR. There is an assumption that only big brands with big budgets have PR teams to promote their products and that PR means product giveaways and events. The reality is very different. CEOs and business owners will often ask whether PR has a role to play in business and our answer is always yes. It is so much more than promotions and press releases.

Here are just some of the ways PR can help boost your business:

It builds credibility

If your company, your employees or your brand lacks credibility, your prospects are unlikely to believe anything you are telling them and therefore even less likely to buy from you. Not only does a perceived lack of credibility therefore impact sales, but it usually makes it more difficult to recruit and retain staff.

Because of its focus on achieving third-party endorsement, PR is one of the best marketing disciplines used to use to establish, build and protect a brand’s credibility and therefore build trust and confidence among your key target market.

It raises the profile of key stakeholders

In addition to providing third party endorsements, PR provides you, the business leader, with a platform to share your opinions and knowledge in key media outlets consumed by your customers.

If you are regularly talking about issues your customers care about and providing solutions to their everyday problems through advice-led editorial, they are much more likely to want to engage with your business as a result.

It steers a crisis

Crisis communication planning, a key part of any PR strategy, can help you deal effectively with those unexpected disasters, emergencies or other unusual events that may cause unfavourable publicity for your business.

In the unfortunate event that something does occur, be prepared and communicate quickly and accurately with all of your key stakeholders, including customers, employees and investors.

It benefits your SEO

If you are virtually invisible on Google’s search engine results pages (as in you don’t appear for any search terms relating to your business), you are automatically missing out on a huge number of potential customers.

There are lots of different elements to consider when it comes to ensuring your website is properly optimised for search, but one of the biggest elements of an effective SEO strategy is to generate quality follow links back to your website.

Google will consider a site’s popularity, relevance, trustworthiness and authority before positioning it in its rankings. If it can see that other reputable websites including publications and blogs are linking to your site and therefore effectively vouching for the quality of your content, it is more likely to elevate your website above other less credible sites. The most effective way to build quality links is via digital PR.

So, what is the role of PR in business? Well, the answer is that it is pretty fundamental whether you are a start-up or established enterprise. In a world where we are bombarded with information from companies, a well-executed PR strategy will not only raise the profile of your business in an often crowded marketplace, it will build credibility and trust around your brand, it will position your spokesperson as an expert in their field, it will help manage a crisis and it’ll help you climb those all important Google search rankings.

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