PR Photography – Put Your Best Foot Forward

My trusted photographer list is akin to my extensive shoe collection.  Yes you could get away with one well-fitting pair – similarly a good photographer could see you through most situations – but will you stand out?

I approach my choice of photographer with the same attention to detail as I do my shoes.  Will he/she suit the occasion, make my client look great and go the extra mile despite the pain?

With staff photographers on the pics desks dropping like flies, there’s never been a better time to get your picture featured.  

However, as we all know every picture is worth a thousand words so competition to appear is fierce.

Regional press needs a well-known face – on both sides of the camera!  By using a local snapper you have a better chance of getting the picture used, but remember just because it’s regional doesn’t mean they will use any old stuff.  Be guided by your photographer on the extent of the branding – too much and it will end up in the bin!

For product shots lighting is everything.  My product photographer has a number of tricks up his sleeve to make the product pop. Consider a mix of lifestyle and cut-out shots.  Often lifestyle press – and online channels – require images on white backgrounds which they can cut out for use in product round ups.  There’s nothing more frustrating then getting your shot rejected because it can’t be cropped.

And then on to the nationals – this calls for the Jimmy Choo of the shoe world.  Glitz, attitude and bang-on-the-trend-button is what is called for – there is no room for mistakes! Approach this as a stylist would.  What is it we want to say? What are the various elements that are needed to communicate this and what will pull them all together, creatively?

Finally what are the pitfalls – remember Julia Roberts and the unshaved underarms? 

As with fashion, there are some golden rules to successful PR photography.  My top tip is pay the most you can afford … it hasn’t let me down on either shoes or snappers!

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