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Let us turn our PR skills to your advantage, with the Scottish and UK media, with influencers online, or by forging special alliances and brand partnerships on your behalf. With the right connections, opportunity knocks.


Influencer Relations

Coverage is hard won and it’s easy to see why. Trusted recommendations and credible information drive business decisions. Which is why the second question we ask once we have an idea or news line is ‘What can we do to make it stronger?’.

Over 20 years we’ve collected enough connections across media, business and politics to make the staffers of ‘House of Cards’ look like rank amateurs. In the last decade, that reach has extended to online journalists, web editors, bloggers, influential communities and niche content producers, so we can traverse all media seamlessly with your message.

We have established relationships with all manner of influencers and are skilled in identifying opportunities to put our clients in the spotlight. Delivering credibility, customers, revenue and brand elevation with both creativity and impressive results.

The Evidence:

Gordon Castle Gin, Royal Highland Show, Green Tourism


Influencer Engagement Programmes

Brand Partnerships

Creating opportunities to expose your product or service to a brand new audience is an area in which we excel. Represent is truly collegiate allowing clients to benefit from each other’s expertise, experience and offering.

Pairing gin with the arts, food with film, jam with music – we make beautiful partnerships that deliver compelling brand partnerships and exceptional business benefits.


Experiential is an incredibly effective platform for developing brand ambassadors and cultivating consumer-created content. Motivating consumers to create, capture and distribute across their own social networks has allowed us to deliver outstanding campaigns that reach far and wide.

From sampling, sponsorship, street stunts, events and pop-up stores, we are ahead of the game in creating joined up campaigns that deliver brand exposure and legacy.

The Evidence:

Eat, Drink Discover Scotland, Tailor Retailored, Gordon Castle Gin


Media Training

With hundreds of hours of media training under our belt, we believe that sessions should be inspiring experiences.

We look at crafting the messaging that helps in every day interactions. From discovering the essence of the story, to creating the most compelling way to tell it, to engaging with the listener to ensure our clients excel in front of the camera.


Crisis Management

You can and should plan for a crisis. They happen to even the best organisations. Whether it’s a breach of consumer trust or an unfortunate indiscretion from the c-suite. Amongst other things, you can make sure the right people are trained to be spokespeople, and you can agree the holding statement until you have more information.

Represent have exceptional experience in this area, and can intuitively guide you out of a situation to minimize reputational damage.


Trademark Protection

Until recently brands had largely been considered ‘intangible’ concepts. Accounting contributed to this conception by identifying ‘goodwill’ as the excess over the book value one company was willing to pay for another. That excess was brand value.

Times have changed. More than ever before brands are increasingly the key element of any business model. Much of this power is because people view brands as a means of personal identification. Brands now trump actual products in terms of importance.

Brands are a critical asset and appreciate over time the more your business reputation grows. We are experts in taking you through the trademark process ensuring your brand is protected thereby allowing collaboration to flourish and building passion to drive the organisation’s mission and objectives.

Let’s sit down and talk

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