PR & Digital trends to look out for in 2019

PR & digital trends

PR & Digital trends to look out for in 2019

As experts in all things PR and digital, we wanted to take a look into our crystal ball and find the top PR & digital trends of 2019.

Based on what we’ve seen in 2018, various trendspotting events we’ve attended over the last few months and our significant experience, we’ve pinpointed the top PR & digital trends you should be considering as we move into 2019.


Content, not ads

With SEO and keyword research making it even easier to know how to create content that packs a punch, we’re anticipating more and more companies will throw their weight, and their budgets, behind content and influencer marketing.

Want to know how to make sure your content is getting seen by the right people? Conduct keyword research and customer research to ensure that your content is worthwhile and that it is being shared by, and to, your target audience.


All hail the internet video

Video is still on the rise and research shows that in 2019, the internet will catch up with television in terms of hours watched. So, it only makes sense to put some of your 2019 budget behind online and social media videos. 45 minutes of an average person’s internet time per day will be spent watching mobile video – make sure it’s yours.


Measurement integration

Silos for PR, social media marketing, advertising and digital marketing are crumbling as communications professionals recognise the benefits of integrating communications.

An integrated communication campaign leads to consistent messaging across all channels, a better use of resources and leaves organisations capable of quicker reactions.

All marketing and PR measurement of earned, owned, paid and social media will be integrated into a single online dashboard to help meet the needs of the multiple departments. That integration will give PR the opportunity to establish itself as the hub that helps with strategic decision-making.


Interactive experiential campaigns

A typical, old-fashioned publicity stunt often involves something surprising being somewhere it is not supposed to be. We’ve seen more and more of these stunts thorough 2018. Recent examples of this include the giant board game that appeared in Edinburgh, as part of the City of Edinburgh Council’s campaign to promote the city centre and Iceland’s animatronic orangutan, which appeared on the streets of London.

We expect brands and agencies will continue to get more and more creative with experiential campaigns as we move into 2019.


IGTV and Instagram Stories

When Instagram Stories first came out in 2016, it was believed by many that they were simply too similar to Snapchat and would not be used much. Two years later and over 400 million people are using this feature every day. Where would we be if we couldn’t keep constantly updated on every single movement of our friends, family and favourite celebrities through their Instagram story?

These will only continue to increase in popularity in 2019, in particular alongside the newer feature, IGTV, which allows for the filming and streaming of much longer videos and works seamlessly alongside one of the biggest apps in the world.

Read our blog on how to use Instagram for business.



Everybody wants the opportunity to talk directly to their customers and there’s no better way than actually talking to your target audience directly through a podcast.

Recent figures released by Ofcom show that the number of weekly podcast listeners has almost doubled in five years to 5.9m in 2018. The increase is across all ages, but its’ been reported that one in five young adults, aged 15-24, are tuning in podcasts every week.

All you need to create your very own podcast series is a good quality microphone and recording equipment, and a strategy for creating a podcasts series that people will want to listen to. Podcasts aren’t about a hard sell for your products or services, instead it gives you the chance to create or share your brand personality to create loyal customers.


These are our predictions for where PR and digital is headed in 2019. What do you expect will be big next year? Let us know on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

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