PR – A Lifestyle Career!

I attended an industry event recently where we were presented with industry stats showing that PRs work pretty long hours, don’t take all their holidays and are on call pretty much 24/7.

Now I’ve worked with some pretty committed individuals and we all go the extra mile as and when the situation dictates it.  When I represented Paul Green in the Wendy Alexander donations scandal it was pretty full-on and during the Highland Show I don’t get much sleep, but some of that is down to socialising in the bar!

But I can’t say it is a regular thing and I am thankful for that.  Ok so news is 24/7 and nobody would turn down the opportunity of a Radio 5 Live interview on Wake Up to Money, but clients have to sleep too!

What shocked me most was that there seemed to be a general air of acceptance, even pride, amongst my peers.  Like it was the accepted norm to work all these hours with one PR even going so far as to say PR is a ‘lifestyle career’.

I don’t think it’s one I would be aspiring to.  Good PRs are well rounded individuals with interesting lives who can draw on their experiences to deliver creative campaigns.

When a recent work experience girl asked me what I loved most about my job it wasn’t that I can bung a few G&Ts on expenses as I ‘entertain’ clients or journalists.  It’s that I work with interesting people who do interesting things and I think that’s what clients are looking for in their agency also!

Now who’s round is it?

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