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How your business can start a crowdfunding campaign

The crowdfunding market is currently booming, with the global market value estimated to reach an incredible $28.8 billion by 2025. Running a crowdfunding campaign presents a load of opportunities to businesses, especially for...

SEO keyword research tips

We’re back with a blog for anyone who’s ever wondered, ‘what is a keyword?’, ‘how do I find a good one?’ or ‘why should I care?’ We’ll be answering these questions, not necessarily...

Three awards … AMAZING Represent

The champagne has been popping in the Represent office this summer as we have been shortlisted for not one, not two, but three prestigious industry awards!Hot on the heels of our...

Why businesses do pro bono work

To some, pro bono work seems at odds with the world of commerce. In fact, doing work for no monetary reward is something that most business owners actively avoid. However,...

How search engines work

Search engines: we use them constantly, almost without thinking, to answer every question we could possibly think of. But have you ever stopped to wonder exactly how search engines work?We...

SEO for beginners

You’ve probably landed on this blog because you searched for something like ‘SEO for beginners’ or ‘What is SEO?’. We know this because that’s what this blog post is optimised for. How...