Meet the journalist: round-up of 2018

Meet the Journalist

Meet the journalist: round-up of 2018

What a year 2018 has been, we can’t quite believe it’s coming to an end. This year (among lots of other things!) saw us begin our Meet the Journalist series, an opportunity for us to catch up with journalists from different publications and ask those questions we’ve always wanted to.

We’ve caught up with some of our favourite journalists (don’t worry if we haven’t spoken to you yet, we’re coming for you…) to find out more about their career highlights, any struggles they face and about their relationships with PR. This offers us a great opportunity to get to know them better and share these findings with you!

Here’s a round-up of our favourite snippets from the Meet the Journalist blogs to celebrate the end of the year.

Kicking off the series, we caught up with Lynda Hamilton Parker as she launched her brand-new magazine Holistic Scotland Magazine. We discussed her PR background and how this impacts her work as a journalist, as well as the struggles journalists face today with a lack of budget and support for investigative journalism.

Check out the blog in full.

We also had a chat with Isla Cooper to find out all we could about the new Edinburgh lifestyle magazine Opulence. Law student turned editor, we spoke to Isla about her desire to be more creative.

Have a read of what we spoke about.


In April, we spoke to Mandy Rhodes from Holyrood Magazine about her journalism career. From where she gets her news (hint: pretty much anywhere and everywhere), to her strangest interview, Mandy spoke about what it is she loves about her job!

Click to find out what she had to say.


We also chatted to Iain Smith of the Alloa Advertiser. As editor of a local newspaper, we were interested to hear Iain’s take on the impact of social media on the news and the biggest challenges facing journalists today.

Find out what he had to say in full in our blog.


June is without a doubt our busiest month of the year as we approach the Royal Highland Show, so we find ourselves working very closely with Ken Fletcher of Scottish Farmer. So what better time to catch up with him than at Scotland’s biggest agriculture event? Ken has been with Scottish Farmer since 1977 and he gave us an insight into his career and his love for the agriculture industry.

Have a look at what we discussed.

August in Edinburgh means one thing – Festival time! We caught up with freelance journalist Jo Caird, who travels up to Edinburgh every August to cover the array of events that take place over the city.  As co-editor of Fest Magazine, Jo spoke about the difficulties of being a freelance journalist and the extra challenges they face in the industry.

Read more in our blog.

As Web Editor at Scottish Field, Kenny Smith knows exactly what it takes for great content to stand out from the crowd online. We spoke to Kenny about the importance of online in journalism, his career and more.

Find out all about Kenny’s career in our blog.

In October we got a treat when we caught up with Ross Crae from The Sunday Post. As a Digital Content Creator, Ross’ mind and work is solely focussed online. Ross spoke to us about his career highlights, what he loves about journalism and the importance of social media as a tool in the industry.

Head to our blog to find out what Ross had to say.

Finally, we asked Emma Storr from DC Publishing Ltd what it’s like working on a range of publications including student magazine Source and disability lifestyle magazine Enable, and got her best advice for recent graduates looking to get into journalism.

Find out all about Emma.

Getting to know all of these fantastic journalists this year has been great and helped us make the relationship between PR and journalist even stronger. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading them!

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