how to market, engage and influence customers post Brexit

How to market, engage and influence customers post Brexit

On the 18th of January, Represent and Causeway: Ireland Scotland Business Exchange, hosted an insightful discussion on how to market, engage and influence customers post Brexit.

The event, chaired by Terry Murden, editor of Daily Business, featured two leading change management experts, Brigid Whoriskey, Envision Business Solutions and Tom Byrne, Pathfinder Consultants.

Brigid explained how businesses should tackle and respond to a changing world with Brexit looming on the horizon. She argued that a wait-and-see strategy is a dangerous approach to adopt. When living in times of uncertainty, business owners and senior management need to act quickly to future-proof their business. There’s now a need for new operational business models that focus on a company’s future. She recommended that business owners question where their company truly adds value, which customers are really important and truly getting to grips with the issues and challenges faced by the company. Take extra time aside to debate different strategy scenarios out-with the usual business management meeting. The outcome could be transformational, allowing businesses to be more reactive to new developments in the future.

Tom further elaborated on the importance of business analysis and risk assessment, highlighting that businesses should see Brexit as a golden opportunity. There are countless possibilities for businesses, such as exploring different markets and sectors, sourcing cheaper raw materials outside of the European Union and merger/acquisitions with European companies. He also emphasised the importance of active communication and forging stronger relationships with existing stakeholders, stating that it is absolutely critical to keep all communication channels open, and to focus on strong partnerships.

The Q&A session stimulated a passionate debate about immigration regulation and how this could impact new talent coming from the EU.  Both speakers agreed that the government having more control over who enters the UK is not a bad thing.  However, Tom added it is unlikely that talent from overseas would be denied entry, given the skill shortage that exists within several UK industries.

Ultimately the panel encouraged the audience to see Brexit as a real opportunity for businesses to embrace change and drive growth, with insight and practical advice.

A huge thank you to everyone who attended the event. If case you missed it, you can watch the full discussion in the video below.

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