How your business can benefit from using LinkedIn

How your business can benefit from using LinkedIn

With over 260 million active users worldwide on LinkedIn, the platform provides so much to help benefit businesses, boasting a unique functionality which includes a recruitment search and tailored news feed.

We’ve assembled a helpful guide to ensure your business is no longer left out of the LinkedIn loop. Read on to discover the hidden benefits of LinkedIn and exactly how your business should be utilising this valuable platform.

Attract new business

LinkedIn has the potential to jump-start your business’s networking presence online – the connections you make on the site open the floodgates for a huge range of business-to-business networking opportunities and potential clients. 

study of over 3,000 LinkedIn users revealed that an incredible 84% have generated several business opportunities from LinkedIn. The most successful users actively share relevant content and devote time to developing their LinkedIn Company Page, working to make their business profile accessible and attractive to prospective connections. 

LinkedIn makes it possible to source new business in a way that is just not feasible using offline networking, enabling you to develop international contacts at the click of a mouse. Using LinkedIn as a networking tool, you can see the mutual connections you have with third parties, assisting you in facilitating an introduction with important suppliers, distributors, strategic partners or future investors. 

To guarantee your business is making the most out of LinkedIn’s networking potential, join as many groups as you can; a free profile allows you to join up to fifty, and you should research them to locate the most active groups filled with your target connections. 

Employees as company ambassadors

On LinkedIn, your employees’ profiles are equally as important as your business’s. They reflect the value of your company and provide even more publicity for your brand. Consider encouraging your employees to update their profiles by providing them with LinkedIn training if they aren’t familiar with the platform. 

A great employee profile can provide networking opportunities for your business, even if they no longer work for you. The ‘experience’ section of their page can ensure your company remains linked to that employee long after they have left you, so take the time to write glowing recommendations for them from your company – they may provide an unexpected connection in the future. 

Find fresh talent

LinkedIn combines job listings, candidate search, trusted referrals and the power of a huge interconnected network to produce great results when it comes to finding the best talent for your business. 

The recently introduced Career Pagesfeature enables employers to engage with job seekers effectively by providing a platform to share what makes your company, culture, employees and job postings stand out. The integrated newsfeed makes it easier to engage in dialogue with potential candidates by providing ongoing company updates to encourage comments and conversations. 

LinkedIn also lets you actively search for candidates using keywords so you can find the best fit for your job opening, even if you are looking for field specialists. Your search can be narrowed down by cross-referencing the skills you are searching for with qualifications listed in candidate profiles. 

Keep track of industry news

LinkedIn is the perfect platform for accessing tailored business news that is specific for your company’s interests. Their ‘groups’ feature in particular allows you to join discussions with other professionals in your industry. Not only can you learn about the most up-to-date sector developments, but you can also build valuable relationships within these groups that could open doors in the future.

Of course, while LinkedIn is ideal for discovering the latest industry news, your company should likewise share its own updates – blog posts, articles, product launches and more should be published on your company’s page to maximise your reach. 

Although it may be tempting to focus on selling above all else, it is vital you produce quality content that answers questions, addresses problems or provides novel information. This type of content is great for prompting clicks, shares and comments, all of which will help to boost your company’s profile. 

LinkedIn offers a multitude of benefits for companies, all of which should be taken advantage of to maximise your online presence. When used correctly, businesses can grasp a unique opportunity to showcase your work to other companies, professionals, and potential candidates, creating tangible results in the long run.

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