Let’s Collaborate!

charity collaboration in pr

Let’s Collaborate!

On Friday 19th May Represent hosted the first in a series of collaborative lunches, kicking off with a group of representatives from local charities. The lunch session gave us the chance to chat about how they can harness the power of collaboration to achieve their PR and Marketing goals.

We believe strongly in the power of collaboration, and we wanted to share some of our insight with local charities. The work these charities are doing is so important, and we feel that with the right PR strategy they will be able to grow, expand and achieve even more.

We were joined by Fiona from IntoWork, Kirsty from Bedrock, Sinita from the Punjabi Junction Social Enterprise Café and Kirsty from Scottish Sports Futures. We talked about what each charity wanted to achieve, the struggles they’ve faced trying to implement an effective PR strategy and how they can overcome these.

Often charities do not have the resources to have a dedicated PR Manager or a clear PR strategy. Being short staffed and under-resourced, these hard working women and their teams have been trying to do it all with very little support or guidance.

Our presentation included helpful hints and quick tips about the power of visuals, the importance of identifying stakeholders and how to reach the right people with the right message.

We talked about the importance of thinking big and embracing ambitious and creative ideas. We discussed the power of the image, and how to take a striking photo. Using examples from our own work, we then talked about how to create interesting and exciting content that would really speak to their audiences.

It was a great lunch that lasted longer than expected – there were so many great ideas and discussions that we just couldn’t stop! All agreed that it was a great way to spend a Friday afternoon.

Represent will be hosting a series of similar collaborative lunches over the next few months on a number of topics, trends and themes and hope to connect with lots more of you. Keep an eye out for details of the next one! #LetsCollaborate