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How to make your business stand out at events

After a 2-year hiatus, events are back. Their return holds great potential for businesses looking to promote themselves, but with an oversaturated market, technical advancements, and ever-more creative ways of getting noticed, it is increasingly difficult to stand out at large-scale events.

Fortunately for you, this digital marketing agency knows a thing or two about making your mark, having worked at high-profile events including Scotland’s largest agriculture showcase, The Royal Highland Show.

Read on for our advice on how to stand out at large-scale events.

Evaluate what success looks like to you

First things first, ask yourself why are you attending the event? What are you seeking to gain from exhibiting? And what will make the event a success for your business?

Having clear answers to these questions will allow you to identify what you need to achieve to stand out at the event. Whether it’s increased brand awareness, perception, or lead generation, having clearly defined goals will enable you to take the necessary measures to ensure the event has a positive impact on your business.  

Develop a compelling offer

Creating an attractive and compelling offer for your audience requires thorough market research, which encompasses keyword research, target persona development and social media analytics.

Keyword research will give you an insight into what your customers are searching for online in relation to your product or service. Evaluate the social media channels your audience uses, and the pieces of content they engage with. Finally, talk to client-facing colleagues about your clients and their purchasing behaviour. By carrying out this research you will be in a better position to create valuable offers for your audience in the run-up to and during the big event.

Consider other ways to engage your audience

Physical stands are not the only way to gain a profile at events. Sponsorship, for example, can give your business beneficial exposure in a more targeted way. By sponsoring another business at a large-scale event, you position your brand in a relevant space away from your competitors.

Moreover, why not host a drinks reception to entertain key customers at the event? Speak to the organisers to see if there is a time when the VIP area is not being used (it’s more common than you think) and hire it out for a small fee. In doing so, you will create a memorable and meaningful experience for your audience that will most definitely win their favour.

Exhibiting at large-scale events creates opportunities for businesses to increase brand awareness and engage new audiences. However, you need to do more than simply turn up. Thorough research, strategic planning and considered engagement are vital to ensuring you stand out among your competitors.

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