‘Generations Of Farming Expertise’ – Royal Highland Show Launches 2017 Creative

RHS Creative 2017

‘Generations Of Farming Expertise’ – Royal Highland Show Launches 2017 Creative

One of Scotland’s most iconic breeds, the Clydesdale, has been unveiled as the hero image for the 2017 Royal Highland Show following the success of last year’s Morag the Highland Cow.

Launching on 1st April 2017, Jennifer, has been bred by the esteemed Clydesdale breeder Ronnie Black from Newton of Collessie Farm, Fife. Jennifer is the fourth generation of Best in Breed at the Royal Highland Show with her mother, grandmother and great grandmother having each being awarded the prestigious rosette.

Building on the ‘Generations of the Country’s Best’ creative, Ronnie and Jennifer’s journey is captured on a short film detailing the care and expertise that goes into creating the country’s best.

Standing 17.2 hands tall, the 3 year-old mare will feature the length and breadth of Scotland from April across billboards, buses, social channels and TV. Edinburgh Trams is also featuring Jennifer on a specially-created tram wrap that will creative significant standout across the Capital.

Commenting on the campaign, Royal Highland Show Manager, David Jackson said: “Jennifer is simply a stunning horse and a fitting star to feature in the advertising campaign to promote Scotland’s premier agricultural show. The Show brings together the country’s best from food to shopping to livestock. Initial feedback on the creative is that the iconic native breed of a Clydesdale will create the desired impact and encourage the public to come and experience the best Scotland has to offer.”

Breeder Ronnie Black is naturally proud that his prodigy has been chosen as the show pin up for the 177th event. Ronnie said: “Jennifer is from a long line of Royal Highland Show champions and my family and I are delighted that she is featuring in the advertising campaign. While Jennifer will not be at the Show as she will hopefully be caring for her newborn foal, other members of her family will be flying the flag for the Collessie champion.

“The Clydesdale is a breed of draught horse derived from the farm horses of Clydesdale which is in existence thanks to a committed number of breeders who invest time and passion into protecting the future of this beautiful native breed. There is no better showcase to see this magnificent animal than at the Royal Highland Show”