Retail PR – Giving Consumers What They Want

Retail PR – Giving Consumers What They Want

The highlight of my week is Tuesday.  That’s the day my Grazia arrives and I can legitimately read it – yes in full view of my colleagues.  No hiding it behind the FT either, I am happy to flaunt my frivial side.

The reason?  Silverburn. Each week I get to write a fashion e-newsletter which picks new season’s trends, highlights flash sales, dishes up discount vouchers and generally shares a little shopping heaven!

Is it of value?  Absolutely.  Shoppers love it – yes they can get Grazia’s guidance … well from Grazia – what makes our e-newsletter different is that we focus on what’s in stock as well as in season.  And as every style savvy shopper knows – that’s worth its weight in gold and as every retailer knows that’s what makes the tills jingle!

Sign up and let me know what you think.


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