Digital Marketing

At Represent, our approach to digital marketing is holistic and often starts with a website audit and report, which can be followed up with an organic search engine optimisation strategy and paid advertising plan.

The world loves digital platforms and publications because of their efficiency, connection to other sources and sheer accessibility. Your audience may have platform and device preferences, but our job is to use these to reach them with a consistent brand story that’s relevant and engaging across owned, earned and paid media.

It’s this strategic digital approach to marketing communications that makes us stand out from other agencies.


SEO – Owned & Earned Media

Optimising your business for the major search engines is no longer a case of looking at the Google Keyword Tool and inserting some tags into your site. Times have changed, the Search Engine Results Page has advanced, the competition grown. Rather than focus on this state of flux, we use our marketing heads to focus on the story, telling it to your audience with flair and enthusiasm, making sure that Google and Bing understand in clear, concise terms what makes your brand relevant for a search query.

SEO is still a triumvirate of technical set up, content and links but the way we approach this work is very collaborative. We work with your web developer closely, and your team to find out what is happening within your brand and really understand your values and areas of differentiation.

Technical Audit

Most platforms today are easily crawlable by the search engines, but setting out your data, the architecture of your site and ensuring everything is indexed, easy to use and measurable is well worth auditing. Our recommendations are set out in an report that we walk you through and follow up with an plan of action to enhance.


Creating shareable content that engages your audience is at the heart of our strategic communications framework. From the start we agree your business goals, why these meet the needs of users and then help you tell your story.   We don’t believe in tricks just good content that is optimised around the needs of the user. This approach has never fallen foul of any penguin, panda or any other zoo related moniker Google has implemented.


Links have a reputation for gaming the system, for being created as a means to an end, but not all links are equal! With PR in our blood, we look for opportunities to push your brand into the spotlight, to create marketing collateral that users want to refer to, and to find partners and influencers from whom it makes sense to link. There are also a number of basic link strategies that every business can benefit from.

Mobile App and Voice Search

In addition to web SEO, Represent offers App Search Optimisation and Siri/Google/Alexa Optimisation. These strategies require a different way of thinking and implementation and require their own platforms and analytics. For ASO, our specialists work closely with your app developer to ensure the correct SDKs are in place and for voice optimisation, we hold a half day workshop to understand what it is your users will ask for and how this impacts your current optimisation strategy.


PPC – Search, Display and Social

Organic and Earned media content does need a little paid advertising to get in front of the right audience at the right time. There are an increasing number of ways to advertise on the internet and each campaign requires its own set of paid tactics.

Search Marketing

We use Bing and Google Adwords to target users looking for your service or product. These campaigns are keyword driven. They rely on us understand what the user, sitting in front of their computer, is thinking and what phrases they will type into the search bar. We undertake a lot of research around your product, review your competitors and create a plan of action after making a judgement on what we believe will work.

Display Advertising

Using images along with text around the internet can be an effective way to get your brand message in front of users with similar interests, topics and demographics to those you have identified as ideal customers. Display ads can promote offers, products or your brand to new audiences and remarket to users who have already interacted with your brand but not completed a sale.

Shopping Campaigns

Joining the gallery of sellers at the top of a product search result page makes a Shopping Campaign vital t all direct sellers online. Whether you have one product or an e-commerce site with thousands of products, a Merchant Center Account will be set up, feed created and a campaign initiated on your behalf.



When aim to think like your audience as we create our digital marketing campaigns so work hard to understand their needs when planning our strategy and implementing the above tactics. The benefits of digital campaigns are numerous; they make it very easy to report on the investment you’ve made in us and our creative skills – no other marketing strategy gives you the ability to report spend versus return and cost per acquisition quite so easily as digital does.

Let’s sit down and talk

We are generous of spirit and happy to pitch in from the outset. So why not bring us your challenge, and we’ll bring you our thoughts.