Digital Marketing

PR is no longer restricted to the medium of print. At Represent, our approach to communications is holistic with online PR and digital marketing given as much if not more weight within our communication strategies as the more traditional models we once employed.

The world loves digital formats and publications because of their efficiency, connection to other sources and sheer accessibility. Your audience may have its own platform and device preferences, but our job is to reach them with a consistent brand story that’s relevant and engaging.



Optimising your business is no longer a case of looking at the Google Keyword Tool and inserting some headers into your site. Times have changed, the Search Engine Results Page has advanced, the competition grown. Rather than focus on this state of flux, we use our experienced PR heads to focus on the story, tell it to your audience with flair and enthusiasm, making sure that Google and Bing understand in clear, concise terms what makes your brand relevant.

Digital PR and Content creation sits at the heart of our strategic communications framework. From the start we agree your business goal, what’s in it for your users and then help you tell your story.   We don’t believe in tricks just PR and content that is optimised around the needs of the user. This approach has never fallen foul of any penguin, panda or any other zoo related moniker Google has implemented.



Advertising on search engines and via social media platforms sits firmly within our collaborative approach. To make online advertising work for your brand we work hard to understand your business, your objectives and your target market.

When we think like your audience we truly understand their needs and can write advertising copy accordingly. The benefits of digital advertising platforms are numerous; they make it very easy to report on the investment you have made in us and our creative skills – no other advertising platform gives you the ability to report marketing spend versus conversions and cost per acquisition quite so easily.

Value for money can be attributed to intelligent targeting and can be reported and refined for each offer. As you build your database, so the understanding of your user needs grows which in turn offers the ability to strip out the irrelevant and focus only on on what your customers want.


Social Media

News of an earthquake now travels faster than its shockwaves such is the speed of communication today. Speed of action, real time communication and the ability to respond to customers quickly and directly have become accepted as the norm for a business. Yet how many are geared up to manage this.

At the same time getting the right message in front of the right influencer can turn the tide for a brand in terms of its market positioning. As social creatures, trusted recommendations and credible information drive our actions. We live busy lives with an explosion of choice in everything from coffee to shoes.

On the one hand, social engagement and endorsement from family and friends can position your brand as “the solution” if social media marketing is managed correctly.   On the other, if handled badly or neglected social disapproval can halt years of good business practice. Let us guide your brand communications through this maze, providing ideas, inspiration and best practice.


Website Marketing

Online marketing is moving at the speed of light. Luckily, our team are experts at targeting the right person, at the right time, with the right message. From bannering, native articles, digital partnerships and more, we work hard to ensure our solutions hit client KPIs, all with a robust and transparent measurement strategy. What’s more, we have an in-house creative team who can help bring your story to life.

Let’s sit down and talk

We are generous of spirit and happy to pitch in from the outset. So why not bring us your challenge, and we’ll bring you our thoughts.