Why digital customer experience is crucial to your digital marketing plan

digital customer experience

Why digital customer experience is crucial to your digital marketing plan

Businesses who put the customer at the heart of their marketing strategy and focus on improving their digital customer experience will reap the benefits over their competitors. The goal of customer experience marketing isn’t necessarily to simply sell products and services, it is to ensure your customers are happy with the service they receive and delivering a personalised experience.

Digital is no different – when you’re looking for a product or service, the digital customer experience remains key to a consumer’s decision-making process.


Why is it important?

We know that customers associate brands with experiences. If they’ve had a bad experience previously with a brand they’ll be less likely to become a repeat customer but by providing a positive experience it instils loyalty within an existing and potential customer base.

Through having a digital customer experience, you are ensuring that you are the business that customers recognise and trust.  This could be something as simple as having an easy to navigate website, having reviews readily available or being able to view your product easily.

Ensuring your customers always have a good digital customer experience is vital to get them to tell others about your business and to buy from you again. Through listening to your customers and responding to them it will show willingness to improve their experience for next time.


What are the benefits?

Consumers want to feel valued, which they will do with a successful, focussed digital customer experience. If they feel valued, then they’re much more likely to use your business again and recommend you to others. As a result, your business is highly likely to see an increase in customer retention and acquisition.

An inviting digital experience will lead to more people engaging with an online presence. Your platforms, such as social media channels, will contribute to an increased brand awareness and a higher public reach allowing your business to spread to a much wider audience.

Without a doubt the biggest impact of a focussed digital customer experience is an increase in customer satisfaction. You could have the best product on the market, but if the consumer has a terrible experience when buying then they will be much less likely to become a repeat buyer.


A digital customer experience can sometimes be a much more prominent selling point to buyers than the product itself. So by making sure you have an experience and an online PR strategy that can promote your business to its full potential you’ll reap the benefits.

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