How creating social media personas can boost your digital strategy

How creating social media personas can boost your digital strategy

Social media is an ideal tool for engaging in direct communication with your audience. But how exactly do you discover who is following your brand on social media? This is where social media personas come in handy.

Creating social media personas can help you to refine your target audience in a world where more than half of consumers expect brands to offer personalised content.

Read on to discover how to craft the perfect social media personas that will give your brand the competitive edge on social media…

What exactly is a persona? 

Put simply, a persona is an in-depth description of an imagined target customer. 

Personas are the hypothetical profiles of the people who are actually buying your product or using your service. We recommend creating at least three to five of them to cover the spectrum of your customer base, as different people naturally engage with your brand for different reasons.  

Social media personas are based on detailed target audience research and consist of a wide range of demographic information, complemented by a healthy dose of estimation.

A truly amazing social media persona, in addition to basic demographic details, consists of the consumer’s goals, the challenges they face, how they think, and what drives their purchasing decisions. 

Why are they important to your social media?

OK, so now you’re clued up on what a persona is. But why exactly are they essential for your brand’s social strategy? 

Without a selection of concrete personas to draw upon for guidance, you can’t be sure that your social media campaign is going to be a success. Personas help you to relate to your audience as real people, instead of just statistics on a screen. 

By genuinely identifying with your audience, you’ll be better placed to solve their problems and provide them with the social content that matters to them. Crafting specified content for your customers will pay off in the long run, delivering much higher conversion rates and a more engaged social following. 

How to create your personas 

Good news – personas actually aren’t that difficult to create! By collating the right information and then displaying it in an easily digestible format, your brand can start to form detailed pictures of the kinds of customers you are attracting. 

It is essential that you identify your target audience first – your personas can’t take shape without it. If you need help with this step, have a read of our blog What is a target audience and how do I identify mine?’ which covers the topic in detail. 

Once you’ve done that, it’s time to get a better understanding of your demographic data; you need to imagine the thoughts, goals and challenges of a certain customer segment. The beauty of social media is that you can talk to your customers at the click of a button, and you should take advantage of that – use research, surveys and interviews of your target audience to try and suss out what’s most important to them.

It isn’t necessary to create detailed personas for every possible target customer you can think of. Instead, focus on a core set of your best performing customer groups. For example, a coffee shop might have a set of personas that look like this:

  • Kirsty, 19, student and working part time, minimal disposable income but likes to treat herself occasionally, prioritises morning caffeine boosts on the go
  • Gordon, 32, works full time, likes quality coffee, desires a relaxing space to unwind after a long week, needs energy in the morning, at lunch and after work
  • Rachel, 40, mother of 2 who works part time, always short on time, loves to take her kids with her everywhere, needs to keep the kids entertained 

Make your personas even more lifelike by adding a picture of the person to go along with their profile; it can also help to imagine what a day in the life of that person might look like. 

Breathing life into your personas will allow you to better empathise with your customers’ purchasing needs, and your copy won’t sound as if it was churned out by a machine – result! 

How to implement personas in your strategy

Now it’s time to put your carefully constructed personas into action! With your personas in mind, you can start adjusting everything from the wording of your social media posts to the pictures you upload to your social channels to ensure it aligns with their personal situations.

The only thing limiting how you can use your personas is your creativity – you could, for example, tailor your strategy to include social channels that are most likely to tap into their purchasing decisions. The Instagram influencer market in particular has shown incredible results for many brands – choosing an influencer who aligns with your persona’s interests could carve you out a small slice of that $1 billion dollar industry.

Clearly, taking the time to craft detailed marketing personas can reap a huge range of benefits for your brand. However, personas are more than just a social media strategy – they’re a metaphor for understanding your customer-brand relationship. 

While all of this can seem overwhelming, you don’t have to go through the process alone. Represent can help you to map out your target audience, construct authentic personas and transform them into a bespoke social media strategy that will produce real results for your business.

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