Bring Back The Working Lunch!

There is little time these days for lunch and I don’t mean a coffee and a sandwich in the staff canteen.

Like most ‘efficient working’ practices,  the joy has slowly been stripped from our ever-expanding 9-5 professional lives!

How do I know this?  Well on Friday I broke the habit and took three hours off to spend some time quality time with a client over a delicious lunch.

There was no hidden agenda – we were simply celebrating a very successful campaign … that took place back in June!

And without the pressure of deadlines, the endless meetings where little is achieved and the distraction of other colleagues – we actually did chat about work.

Not the day-to-day stuff that keeps us busy, but the important long-term vision that will help us work out how we can replicate the same very successful campaign next year!

It was an inspiration – a very enjoyable one – and one I will replicate every month from now on.

Anyone up for trying it with me?

Venue:  Castle Terrace

Best bit:  Scallops, Grouse and the Wine

Worst bit:  The bill – ouch!

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