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Marketing tips for startups

We know from our work with some of Scotland’s most exciting startup companies that time is precious and having good quality, trustworthy information on every element of running a business is paramount. Read on for our top tips to spread the word about your startup!

How marketers can influence environmental change

The upcoming COP26 summit in Glasgow is set to be the most important environmental summit of world leaders to date. This summit is significant as it is the first COP to take place after the landmark Paris Agreement. It will address what has and has not been achieved since 2015, and to set out aims to ‘build back better’ through a green recovery plan of action following the pandemic.

Why your brand should be working with influencers

As in-store shopping levels have not yet returned to pre-pandemic levels, influencer marketing is crucial for helping brands remain front-of-mind with key consumers and ensuring they are getting the word out at the right time in the right way.

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