Believing in your own PR

Energy is the big buzzword in business just now.  Alex Salmond has confidently positioned Scotland as the “hi-tech workshop of the world” and the world – believe it or not – is beginning to believe it!

A client of ours has just returned from a visit to China where government officials were keen to discuss how they could learn from Scotland’s energy expertise.  We are clearly building a belief that Scotland is leading the way in energy innovation.

Yet with big targets to achieve – 42% reduction in emissions, 130,000 jobs generated in the low-carbon sector and the ability to generate all of Scotland’s energy needs from renewables … by 2020 – are we in danger of talking up a good story without being able to deliver it?

Communicating your vision with passion and conviction – especially if ambitious – is a good way of generating coverage.

However the problem with the published word, is that it can come back to bite you.

Essentially PR is about building trust and one sure-fire way of dashing that hard-earned trust is by not delivering on your word.

Alex is a sound-bite master and fingers crossed he might just pull this one off – I for one am doing my bit by recycling my newspapers proclaiming Mr Salmond’s green gospel!

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