About us

Our amazing manifesto

“That’s good, but is it amazing?” That’s the standard we hold ourselves to every day. Before any project or piece of work leaves our office, we ask ourselves… is it amazing?

Amazing is what sparks our curiosity. Amazing is what drives our focus. Amazing is the voice inside our heads that asks, “How about…? Why not…? What if…?”

Our instinct tells us when something’s amazing. It’s that dizzying, heart pounding, ear ringing sensation. It’s that, “Let me look back at my own work just for fun” sensation. It’s that, “I can hear the client smiling down the phone” sensation.

We’re a happy bunch of people, but we’re only truly satisfied when we can answer, honestly, “Yes. That’s amazing.”

Sounds amazing, how do you do it?

We provide a specialist PR and digital communications service, ranging from strategic planning, content creation, digital marketing, media relations, social media management and SEO.

We deliver smart, creative and effective campaigns that tell your story in a way that makes a real impact. We take our clients’ challenges and provide the solution.

Whatever we do, we make it amazing.

I’d like to find out more, how can I get in touch?

Make a super speedy enquiry. We can’t wait to make you amazing.

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Our PR Story

Are you looking for PR and digital marketing support?

We’d be delighted to meet you for a coffee, simply email us on hello@representcomms.co.uk or call us on +44(0)131 526 3190