New Media Breakfast: 2018 Marketing Toolkit

marketing toolkit

New Media Breakfast: 2018 Marketing Toolkit

Each month WeDo Scotland host a New Media Breakfast, an early morning learning session at Tigerlily in Edinburgh. The first one of 2018 was a look at the marketing toolkit available to us and what marketers should be aware of over the next 12 months.

So, armed with a much-needed cup of tea and a fried egg roll, we took our seats to find out…


Email Marketing

With GDPR regulations looming (in May!) the thought of email marketing may be filling you with dread.  However, one thing that GDPR will help with when it comes to the marketing toolkit is honing our databases.  This reaffirmation from subscribers that they want to receive your content will prove very powerful.

Cleaning up your database regularly will ensure that audiences are receiving relevant content, therefore maximising your ROI.



LinkedIn is getting bigger, better and more effective in 2018.  There are over 21 million members of the networking platform in the UK, and because of this it is a B2B tool like no other.

Surprisingly it still remains relatively uncrowded which allows an excellent organic reach of engaging content.  As well as the ability for targeted promoted reach.



With 16.7 million UK users of Instagram right now, the image-lead platform is very much on the rise.  It has been reported that there are over 300 million stories shared each day by users.

Instagram is an incredible tool for sharing creative and engaging content.



As a social media platform for business Facebook is very much on the decline, with another new algorithm released this month set to reduce business pages reach even further (didn’t think less than 2% was even possible!) and prioritise friends and family content.

However, if you are prepared to pay, Facebook is an unrivalled marketing tool.  With post targeting available down to an nth degree and an engaged audience ready for content Facebook can be a great addition to your marketing toolkit in 2018.  Just don’t expect much from it when it comes to organic content.



Although not in decline, Twitter is one of the slowest growing social media channels at the moment.  Reporting 13 million users in 2013 only growing to 17million in 2017.  It is continuing to be a fantastic listening tool though and not one that should be ignored.



It’s no surprise that video is one of the most engaging tools in the marketing toolkit.  Short films, testimonials, gifs and animations achieve the highest reach and engagements.  And this translates across all channels – from Facebook to email marketing.

Creating a video no longer requires a film crew of five and multi-million-pound equipment, good quality film can now be created in minutes with the help of a mobile phone and some apps.

There are lots of good tools out there that you can get your hands on, such as Ripl and iMovie.



A tool on the rise in 2018, chatbots will be used to humanise B2C and B2B organisations.  Technology is this area has really advanced in recent years and this means it is much easier than it ever was before.  Many live chat or chat bot tools enables you to customise the interface, set ‘available’ time and program key phrases or trigger words.

It can be really helpful when dealing with customer queries or prompting a website user when they have been active on your site for a set amount of time.


Digital channels, tools and technologies are continually developing and it is important to keep your marketing activities updated in line with these.  Attending workshops, networking with peers and working with digital marketing agencies can all have huge benefits for your business.

Want to find out more about how Represent use digital marketing and public relations to help businesses?  Get in touch!