We represent the new power of collaboration

A PR Agency that weaves creativity throughout its public relations, digital marketing and social media management.

Content is king. But only if it’s seen. The best ideas grow and become greater when they’re optimised to be found, distributed and amplified to the right people. Which is why collaboration is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ business trait. It’s the only way to tell a great story. Everyone’s in on the act. Consumers want to be brand collaborators, reviewers and content producers. Other brand owners are recognising that partners can elevate their status in return for a share of the spotlight.

Fortunately, we’re born collaborators. We have a knack for bringing people, ideas and messages together to bring you boundless success.

Who’s who + How = Wow

Knowing the right person and having the strategy, skills and creativity to make that connection work for our clients is what sets us apart.


Find the story

Not everyone knows what story they should be telling. As expert PR people we can help you crack the what, where and how across multiple channels, as well as nailing those ambitious KPIs from the start.


Build the strategy

Planning and crafting winning strategies around core stories and content, optimising and executing using decades of PR, communications and digital know-how.


Present the image

Our team are taught to think visually whether it’s striking imagery, perfect fit branding or eye catching video. It’s a talent that’s rewarded regularly with hard won coverage.


Influence the market

Engaging effectively across the media, business, political landscape, and making full use of the right digital platforms, editors and communities capable of bringing you optimum visibility.


Drive traffic

Improved awareness, web visits, leads and digital interaction from organic to paid channel campaigns. All measured, reviewed and reported to achieve targeted budget and ROI.


Brand collaborations

Creating opportunities to expose your product or service to a brand new audience. Let us find a partnership for you that can deliver exceptional business benefits.


Crisis management

As you’d expect with a name like Represent our core skillset includes managing reputational damage during times of crisis. Helping you protect your name, brand and fortunes through the turbulent times as well as the exciting ones.


Premium content creation

What will it take to give you stand-out? Our creative team are here to amplify your assets sending your message trickling through a myriad of channels.


Stakeholder engagement

Whether it’s using media relations or online outreach our team are skilled at identifying and bringing stakeholders and influencers to the table, no matter how knotty the issues or scarce the time.


Let’s sit down

Another known quality of great collaborators is their generosity of spirit and happiness to pitch in from the outset. So why not bring us your challenge, and we’ll bring you our thoughts.

Call us on 0131 526 3190 and let’s at least become acquainted.